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ARIES Conference Room

WATI Presents at ARIES Committee

WATI is modernizing one of the largest Criminal Justice Information Sharing Systems in California. Automated Regional Information Exchange System (ARIES) used by more than 96 law enforcement agencies across five counties will be using the new system…

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Adobe Training

Join WATI’s Adobe Practice

WATI is an Adobe partner with a number of potential customers, and solutions around Adobe platform including Adobe Live Cycle, Forms, Analytics, and Sites.

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ARIES Modernization - WATI

WATI is Modernizing ARIES

The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff with the help of WATI is close to reaching the milestone of modernizingAutomated Regional Information Exchange System (ARIES).

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WATI Sponsors Government Transformation and Innovation

WATI Sponsors Government Transformation and Innovation

The Government Transformation and Innovation event was conducted to provide current and emerging government leaders with tools and information that they will use to transform their services to better meet the needs of California’s citizens.

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