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Company History

West Advanced Technologies, Inc. (WATI) develops, integrates, installs and supports technology for Local, State and Federal Government agencies. Since its founding in 1998, WATI has 100% successful track record in building and deploying citizen and employee-facing applications and infrastructure for public sector agencies. WATI has national presence, with headquarters in Southern California.

WATI works with a vast number of government agencies in various counties and state governments, such as:
  • Department of Public and Social Services
  • Department of General Services
  • Internal Services Department
  • Assessors Offices
  • Sheriff Departments
  • Department of Human Resources
  • Department of Transportation
  • Utilities and Water Districts
  • Workforce Development and Aging
  • Health and Human Services
  • Public Works
Long-Standing Relationship with the County of Los Angeles

WATI has a highly productive, long-standing relationship with the County of Los Angeles, which continues today, with over 150 projects successfully implemented.

In the application space, WATI plays a key role in the development, deployment, enhancement and support of several systems, in addition to deep familiarity with County-wide systems such as eCAPS, CWTAPPS, and CWPAY.

WATI is intimately involved in County infrastructure projects, which include Network planning, VOIP planning, EMC Multi-Fabric Storage, Computing Resources, Capacity Planning, Imaging/Document Management, and facility planning. WATI has also participated in the County’s enterprise technology and security committees such as the CIO’s Cyber-terrorism initiative, the VOIP Selection Committee and the BI Steering Committee.

WATI works side-by-side with many of the skilled technology and management professionals within many agencies (DPSS, ISD, CSS, Assessor, Sheriff, DHR) of the County departments; and continues to uphold their confidence by delivering successful projects, protecting assets and integrating the involvement of County staff.

As such, few vendors have as broad and deep understanding of the systems, staff, business protocols, policies and practices of the State and Local Governments as does WATI.

Contract Vehicles

Alaska Railroad Corporation

Master Services Agreement
California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS)
IT Services
California Department of General Services
Master Services Agreement (IT MSA)
Contra Costa County Sheriff Department
Master Services Agreement
County of Fresno
Master Services Agreement
County of San Mateo
Master Services Agreement
County of San Mateo
Contingent Staffing
Master Services Agreement
Los Angeles County Information Technology Support
Master Services Agreement (ITSSMA)
Los Angeles County Enterprise Services
Master Agreement (ESMA)
Alameda County Sheriff Department
Master Services Agreement
North Carolina Department of Information Technology
Master Services Agreement
Los Angeles Unified School District
Master Services Agreement
County of Sacramento
IT Staffing Master Services Agreement
Arizona Commerce Authority
IT Professional Services
Anne Arundel County
Information Technology Professional Services
Information Technology Consultants - Spring-Fed- Pool
Kaiser Permanente
Information Technology
Master Services Agreement
City of Sacramento
Information Technology
Master Services Agreement
State of Maryland
Dept of IT Consulting and Technical Services (CATS)
Los Angeles City
Contract Programming Services


Freddie Mac - WATI's Customer
The County Of Fresno - WATI's Customer
City Of San Mateo California - WATI's Customer
WATI's Customer Logo
TEK Systems - WATI's Customer
Department Of Auditor Controller LA - WATI's Customer
Contra Costa County CA - WATI's Customer
WDACS- WATI's Customer
LiverMore California - WATI's Customer
DPSS LA - WATI's Customer
LA County Internal Services Department - WATI's Customer
Los Angeles County Sheriff - WATI's Customer
State Of North Carolina - WATI's Customer
Techfetch - WATI's Customer
City Of Sacramento - WATI's Customer

Key Partners

WATI has strategic partnerships with technology partners that align with WATI’s vision, meet your needs and exceed your expectations. When you work with WATI you get the world’s leading technology providers, all from a single point of contact.

We maintain strong strategic partnerships with key global leaders in workflow automation, cloud infrastructure and Big Data. Through our strong relationships with our best-of-breed partners, you can be confident that WATI can deliver the technology and solutions you need. Whether the challenge is designing or upgrading legacy systems, hosted or virtualized solutions, or an entire IT environment, depend on WATI to deliver.

Splunk WATI Partner

Splunk Partner

Splunk solutions offer robust benefits to take security to the next level. WATI partners with Splunk to offer analytics, monitoring and remediation, threat and incident response – coupled with vulnerability and penetration testing and application security testing. – WATI is supported by its vastly experienced team to provide a complete security solution to its clients. Our team ensures that you get the best out of Splunk with greater results and efficiency.

WATI is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner

Microsoft Silver Certified Partner

WATI is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner. The WATI-Microsoft partnership combines our deep industry expertise and technology consulting capabilities with the Microsoft’s suite of products to provide innovative, high-quality and cost-effective Azure and on premise solutions to customers.Our Use of Force Solution is built on Microsoft and Azure platforms. WATI offers development, deployment and support services for a range of Microsoft applications and technologies including web, database, application development, and Office 365 migration and virtualization solutions.

WATI is a Amazon Web Services Partner

Amazon Web Services Partner

WATI offers development, deployment and support services for various clients on AWS platform. AWS provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments. The technology allows clients to have at their disposal a virtual cluster of computers, available all the time.

WATI is a Red Hat® Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP) Partner

Red Hat

Enterprise IT organizations are using cloud technologies and other IT innovation to reduce costs, improve operational flexibility, and gain a competitive advantage. However, not every organization has the resources, time, or expertise to build and maintain a full IT or cloud environment in-house. The Red Hat® Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP) partnership lets WATI offer trusted, secure, and enterprise-grade cloud and managed services to our customers with the products they already use in their datacenters.

WATI is a Adobe Solution Partner

Adobe Solution Partner

WATI is now a Solution Partner with Adobe. We will now develop applications that are built on, integrate with, or embed Adobe products. Adobe and WATI meet customer’s needs with industry-leading solutions that are powered by Adobe technology. Whether it is Adobe AEM Forms, Sites, LiveCycle or Analytics, WATI will further enhance by leveraging Adobe linked applications and technology. WATI’s solutions and applications will be world class by deploying Adobe suite of products for various function areas, market and industry needs.


Passion for clients’ success is a contagious trait at WATI.

We enable it the only way we know – by fostering an environment of continuous learning, collaboration and fun for our team. Our management team members have handled mega projects with successful outcomes. We provide a rare mix that combines appropriate management of technology with world-class execution to create business value. A great team is the cornerstone of a successful project. A majority of our team members have Masters degrees and are certified in their chosen areas of specialization.

Krishna Chintalapathi, Vice President, WATI

Krishna Chintalapathi

Managing Partner
Marissa Trejo - Customer Success Manager WATI

Marissa Trejo

Senior Manager, Success Strategy & Operations
Vijay Kiran - Consulting Team Head WATI

Vijay Kiran

Consulting Head


Los Angeles (HQ)
1230 Rosecrans Ave, Suite 300,
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Phone: (844) 777-WATI

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2150 River Plaza, Suite 340,
Sacramento, CA 95833
Phone: (916) 290-6661
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Washington D.C.
161 Fort Evans Rd NE, Suite 235,
Leesburg, VA 20176
Phone: (703) 297-8730
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4th Floor, Mythri Square,
Gachibowli-Miyapur Road,
Whitefields, Kothaguda,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500084
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