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WATI maintains application development and maintenance edge through use of it’s highly talented team. The project teams are distributed and include PMP, SCRUM Master certified Project Managers, Microsoft Certified Developers, Oracle App Professionals, Java Developers, Web, Salesforce, PHP, and ECM professionals, BigData and Cloud certified professionals.

Application Development

WATI is well experienced with Agile Methodology where a large duration project scope is broken down into small iterations as Sprints. Each sprint achieves some needed functionality and every Sprint after completion is integrated with the previous one. The Project schedule, planning, System Testing and deployment to production will happen in waterfall model. The required functionality will be developed in Iterative model. WATI team through out project execution works closely with Client IT teams to ensure customer needs are addressed without deviation. The testing is as iterative as the development. The activities in this phase include — Functional Testing to cover migrated functionality, Acceptance Testing Support, and Test Report Reviews.

WATI application development process is very elaborate with each sprint or sub-phase of conventional project development lifecycle consisting of analysis, design, development, and testing phases.Entire Application Development is driven by 360 degree project communication consisting of daily scrum meetings, weekly status review meetings, weekly status reports, monthly steering committee meetings. Lessons learnt meeting is conducted at the end of the phase giving opportunity for future process improvements.

Project Manager closely monitors the defined project activities and project planned parameters of schedule, effort, productivity, defect density to ensure no risks adversely effect the project execution.

Project final deliverables are deployed to the client environment for acceptance testing. This environment generally involves sample client production data unlike test data. WATI works closely with Client to ensure that this phase is made as comfortable as possible to the client with no surprises.

Application Maintenance

Application maintenance often takes the largest share of an IT budget, leaving limited scope for new development. It also requires expert-level knowledge to identify production issues, frequently dividing the attention of key software engineers. WATI’s Application Maintenance Service (AMS) helps you reduce maintenance costs while optimizing performance and quality of critical applications. AMS also frees up your expert resources to take on the proactive development initiatives that boost your top line.

WATI’s application maintenance process allows for effective capture, reporting and resolution of maintenance requests. The process leverages the global delivery model wherein work responsibilities can be effectively distributed among various organizations depending on the criticality of the requests. Each of these activities are governed and monitored by an SLA framework.

Application Management Life Cycle - WATI

With increasing number of support requests, IT departments are under tremendous pressure to support users and deliver value to the business. Complex application portfolios, increasing maintenance costs and scarce support skills can divert your focus from your core business. Data is vital to every business decision and database is the heart of any technology infrastructure, hence it must be protected and monitored round the clock by establishing backup and recovery procedures to provide a secured database environment.

WATI Advantage

Our delivery capabilities include onsite, onshore and offshore resources and leverage the deep skills and know-how of the Global Delivery Network model, tailored specifically to address our clients’ Application Capacity Services requirements.

Highly competent and trained resources who have the ability to team effectively within our client’s IT organizations

Flexible service arrangements make it easier to adjust or expand the resource mix in response to changing technologies or market demands

Advanced technology and processes enable us globally to effectively match our resources with our client’s need while providing new levels of service transparency

Subject matter experts with cross learning and best practices available for consultation on critical and complex technology solutions


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