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Link Analysis in Criminal Investigations

What is Link Analysis?

Link analysis, also known as Network Analysis, is a technique used to evaluate the transactions and interactions between types of entities such as individuals, properties, activities, and vehicles. Network analysis is a technique used in criminal intelligence to find and display patterns in the association between groups, places, organizations, items, and events.

Link Analysis for Investigations

 Criminal intelligence uses a variety of network analysis techniques to understand and tackle significant crimes, crime organizations, and criminal marketplaces. Analyzing data has become increasingly complex, especially having to run through multiple data sets to avoid the loss of critical information.

Link analysis or a linked chart helps visualize the incident, the subjects involved, and their connection. Linked charts analyze the connected data and provide a more holistic understanding of the current situation and predict what may happen next.

 Advantages of Link Analysis

 Linked charts have been used by analysts and investigators for decades without the aid of computers. Prior to current technology, performing link analysis required a physical investigation board with thumbtacks, sticky notes, etc. Now, agencies work with the traditional form of databases wherein it’s easier to make only simple searches.

It can become very complex when it comes to analyzing multiple data sources, making it difficult and time-consuming. With a linked chart and node graph, data from multiple sources is represented all at once. Every entity is color-coded, making for easy understanding between connections and what they mean.

Link analysis and displaying connections in a graphical form becomes easier to analyze even huge amounts of data from multiple sources. With the involvement of technology, queried information is displayed in a matter of seconds.

 BEAGLE for Link Analysis

 BEAGLE has many sought-after tools for Law Enforcement software such as voice recognition, advanced visual recognition, and collaboration. BEAGLE also has an inbuilt link analysis feature. The Link analysis feature helps organize and display data from multiple data sources in a graphical form to understand data instantly. Assisting to identify complex networks and discovering unknown relations to help stay ahead of the curve.

Knowing how to break communication patterns as a law enforcement investigator is essential to solving investigations and apprehending criminals. If you’re interested in diving deeper into BEAGLE and understanding its benefits for your agency, reach out for a personalized demo.

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Historically, linked charts have been used by analysts and investigators to perform link analysis manually. Considering manual analysis has limits, a visualization tool will be quite useful for investigations.

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