SOC Managed

WATI offers SOC-as-a-Service for continuous security monitoring, threat detection, and response management.

WATI SOC Managed services

Our team of highly-skilled consultants works with technology
products you have or choose to cover both proactive and
reactive services.

Our coverage options are flexible, designed for quick scale, and you can start
with as-little or as-much to meet your desired SLAs and business needs.

SOC monitor

SOC Monitor

Collect, investigate, and triage log data from your systems, for threat monitoring. Incident notification along with the proposed response.

SOC Manage

SOC Manage

Manage security technology products – SIEM, IPS/IDS, firewalls, etc – for optimal configuration and patch management.

SOC Scanning

SOC Scanning

Regular scanning for vulnerabilities in applications, devices, and networks.

Incident response

Incident Response

A dedicated team of experts engages in the resolution cycle of identified and suspected breaches.

FAQs on SOC Managed Services

Definitely not. Security impacts organizations of every size. We provide high-quality managed security services that fit the budgets of even small enterprises.

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