Managed SOC Services

Securing Your Business with a Decade of Expertise

Proactive Defense: Empowering Enterprises through Our SOC

With over a decade of experience in providing Managed SOC services to our customers, we can handle everything from: threat detection to incident response to full management of your cybersecurity program.

As the threat landscape has evolved, so has our team’s approach. As new technologies and methodologies have emerged to help detect and defend our customers our experts stay on the cutting edge.

We have helped hundreds of businesses, from banking to healthcare, navigate the tricky business of cybersecurity. Our deep industry specific knowledge allows us to develop effective solutions to meet our clients’ demands.

WATI provides security and peace of mind. We believe in proactive defence and work hard to safeguard, comply, and defend our clients’ digital ecosystems from all cyber threats. Over a decade of Managed Security Operation Center experience ensures you are safe in our hands.

Managed SOC Services

Quick Stats



We’ve worked with over 500 companies in banking, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing.

Threats Detected

Threats Detected

Our advanced threat detection systems have discovered over 1 million possible threats, giving our clients early notice.

Events Averted

Events Averted

Our proactive security procedures and timely response have prevented 98% of possible security events from affecting our clients’ operations.

24:7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

We’ve monitored our clients’ systems for over 87,600 hours.

Satisfaction Rate

Satisfaction Rate

Our 95% client satisfaction rate shows our dedication to providing a quality, trustworthy service.

These numbers represent our dedication, skill, and clients’ trust. We want to be your go to partner for all things cyber



Managed Security Services

WATI’s managed security services protect your digital assets, detect threats in real time, and helps you maintain security compliance. We offer:

Incident Response

Incident Response

Fast, response is critical to mitigating security incidents. The sooner something is identified and responded to, the lesser the impact on your business. Our qualified specialists respond to problems, investigate, and implement effective recovery solutions 24/7. We get you back on track swiftly and easily.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Our advanced threat intelligence services provide actionable insights into new threats and vulnerabilities. We analyze threat data from several sources using machine learning and AI to forecast and prevent attacks.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Addressing security vulnerabilities is essential to a robust defense. Our vulnerability management services include security assessments, penetration testing, and automated vulnerability scans to identify vulnerabilities. Our staff quickly fixes flaws and improves security.

Compliance Services

Compliance Services

Regulatory compliance is complicated. Our compliance services help you comply with GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more. We handle risk, audit readiness, and compliance so you can focus on your business. 

Our goal is to deliver a holistic security solution that protects your business from attacks and equips you with the knowledge and skills to safeguard your digital environment. WATI’s cybersecurity experts give you peace of mind. We stay awake so you don’t have to.

24/7 Security Monitoring

WATI understands that threats don’t just happen from 9–5. Our Managed SOC monitors your digital environments 24/7.

SOC - 2. 24/7 Security Monitoring

Leveraging powerful AI algorithms and machine learning techniques, we constantly monitor network traffic, system logs, and other data for suspicious behaviour. Our cybersecurity professionals supplement this automatic threat detection with their judgment and skills to discover and analyse complex threats.

Our team is vigilant 24/7 and always looking for threats. This enables for the fastest response, frequently stopping threats before they can cause damage. Our professionals investigate and control the threat, then analyze the situation to prevent repetition.

This 24/7 monitoring and response system decreases security incidents, speeds up threat response, and keeps your organization running and secure. WATI’s Managed SOC protects you 24/7.

Use Cases

Threat Detection and Response

Leveraging specialized technologies, threat intelligence feeds, and advanced techniques to proactively detect and block threats before they cause damage.

Compliance Management

Satisfying regulations and compliance standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC2 Type2, via Vulnerability Management, Log Management, EDR/MDR/XDR, Monitoring, IR, and threat intel capabilities.

Incident Management

Proactively identifying and addressing security incidents in a timely manner, as per defined SLAs, to minimize business impact with security breaches

The Benefits Of SOC Managed Services

Expertise and Experience

Access to experienced security analysts, dedicated resources, and advanced technologies for effective threat detection and response. Our Managed SOC includes the SOC/SIEM technology of the customer’s choice, as well as WATI’s team of skilled security analysts with relevant certifications.

Get a Hacker’s View with i-RADAR attack path management platform | WATI


A cost-effective solution that leverages the expertise and resources of a dedicated SOC team without upfront costs

Retrofit your weakest security spots with i-RADAR attack path management platform | WATI

Improved Security Posture

WATI improves your business’s security. We know that good cybersecurity requires a proactive and holistic approach that decreases risk over time. 

Prioritize your security defenses with i-RADAR attack path analysis platform | WATI

Peace of Mind

Our 24/7 (Continuous) monitoring of security events and incidents, reduce the risk of security breaches going unnoticed. 

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FAQs on SOC Managed Services

Definitely not. Security impacts organizations of every size. We provide high-quality managed security services that fit the budgets of even small enterprises.

Maybe. But, very likely, not so.

Cyber security involves very specialized skill sets, that are not available to most IT professionals. The skills involved cover a wide spectrum, and it’s impractical to expect one of few individuals to have them all. As a result, it becomes prohibitively expensive for organizations to hire all the staff they need with specialized security skills.

At WATI, we complement your IT teams. We bring a rich repertoire of security skillsets, process knowledge, and specialty tools – all at a price point that is in your budget.

When we function as an ‘extension’ of your team, we essentially use the same tools as you do, since we work within your environment. For all other cases, we can suggest or bring a set of tools and processes, as per security complexity and budgets.

In short, as many, as needed.
We structure engagements not by a number of notifications, but by the coverage needed and desired SLAs. Notifications depend on user activities, network events, suspicious events, and correlations.

In most cases, we work in clients’ infrastructure (as ‘extended teams’) and in such cases, your data stays right within your own environment. In some special cases, we collect client’s data in our secure environment for analysis, in such cases, the data storage will be as per your specific compliance needs, which is factored into contract discussions.

Organizations that have the latest and greatest security gear are still being hacked into.  Security apparatus like firewalls and IDS serves an important functions. Yet, they are only as good as they are configured.

We offer managed SOC services from our work locations in the United States and India.

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