Continuous Threat Exposure Management Platform

Cybermindr is a cloud-hosted solution, to discover attack paths that adversaries may potentially use to inflict harm on organization.

Cybermindr is the next-generation attack path discovery platform

An attack path is a sequence of steps or actions that an attacker may take to gain unauthorized access to a system, network, applications, cloud, etc. In other words, this is how the bad guys get in.

An attack path discovery platform helps organizations by identifying potential vulnerabilities and mapping cyber attack routes, enabling proactive defense and mitigation strategies.

So, What Does Cybermindr do?

By automating knowledge of experienced red teamers, bug bounty hunters and ethical hackers, WATI’s Cybermindr discovers these attack paths so you can close them before they are exploited. The platform starts by leveraging millions of data points from across the deep, dark, and surface web and then uses proprietary tools to test and validate. And it is all done automatically.

Get a Hacker’s View with i-RADAR attack path management platform | WATI

Get a Hacker’s View

Know what external attackers see of your organization’s soft spots in security.

Retrofit your weakest security spots with i-RADAR attack path management platform | WATI

Detect Shadow IT

Retire or retrofit your weakest security spots.

Prioritize your security defenses with i-RADAR attack path analysis platform | WATI

Prioritize Defenses

Prioritize security defenses in line with real and actionable data.

Eliminate false data with i-RADAR attack path management platform | WATI

No Noise

Our active testing engine eliminates much of the false-data associated with many solutions.

Cybermindr Mechanics


Cybermindr will show what asset has what issues and wherever applicable, provide detailed information as to how to reproduce the problem. This will typically be enough information to help quickly plan out the remediation effort.

Why i-RADAR platform is better than Attack Surface Management | WATI

Cybermindr goes beyond ASM

Many external Attack Surface Monitoring (ASM) tools gather data through passive methods, using Open-Source INTelligence (OSINT) as well as broad internet scanners as data sources. In many cases this information is older and may represent a picture of how you were and not how you are.

Cybermindr is truly next-generation, providing a better picture of the true state of your cyber security posture. By adding in a variety of active assessment techniques, the Cybermindr provides more current and more granular data.

During the active assessment, Cybermindr runs tests to validate vulnerabilities as well as proof-of-concept exploits to test for risks.

Know your attack paths before hackers do

Cybermindr Benefits

  • Cloud-based SaaS Platform: No Hardware, No Agent, No Deployment.
  • Eliminate attack paths: Actionable intelligence from Cybermindr will help you remediate real issues immediately.
  • Monitor hackers forum: Our security teams go to the places that you can’t or won’t.
  • Distributed Global Bot Network: Identify more by leveraging our global bot network built to automatically detect, fingerprint, and identify exposed digital assets.
  • Multi-stage attack templates: Cybermindr’s unique validation engine increases the visibility of easily exploitable attack paths.

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Know your attack paths before hackers do