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WATI has built the foundation and the expertise needed to handle large-scale, complex penetration testing engagements, for companies in industries from technology, finance, manufacturing, to energy, as well as state and local governments.

Penetration Testing Methodology - WATI

Penetration testing should meet your specific business needs. The offensive security team at WATI has devised a sophisticated strategy to provide a scalable and resilient service that tests those things that would cause a disruption to your business. We follow both industry standard methodologies as well as well as some tricks we have developed up along the way. Our goal is to find the flaws so they can be fixed before they are exploited.

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Our pen testing coverage far-exceeds baseline set by industry/regulatory bodies. Some examples of the going extra mile.

  • Our qualified engineers will do a complete assessment using an adversary mindset, as well as manual testing on each field, page, and API based on our extensive research and knowledge of emerging cybersecurity threats.
  • When we identify an issue, we provide video evidence of the vulnerability and its exploitability where applicable.
  • True penetration testing rather than a vulnerability scan, which some people refer to as a “pen test”
  • We have a growing library of over 200 specific tests we run. Our specialized cyber research team is always looking for new ways to test.

Additional Related Services

Automated Attack Path Discovery

Our innovative platform Cybermindr provides and extra layer of protection via continuous coverage between the Pen Testing cycles.

Red Teaming

As opposed to Pen Testing’s contained scope of pre-defined assets, WATI’s Red Teaming assessment mimics a real-life attacker, on all of your organization’s digital surface, to identify attack paths.

Managed SOC

WATI’s Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) teams provide continuous monitoring and protection to detect, analyze, respond to and investigate anomalous and cybersecurity incidents.

The Benefits Of Penetration Testing

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities throughout your IT environment, to reduce the attack surface for leveraged by today’s advanced threats

Gain Visibility Into Your Security Gaps

Gain an objective perspective that exposes blind spots and gives you visibility into security gaps that could be missed by your internal IT teams due to a lack of expertise or unfamiliarity with the latest threats

Test The Effectiveness Of Your Security Controls

Test the investments you have made in your cybersecurity tools and technology to determine if any vulnerabilities or gaps exist and whether they can stop a sophisticated attack on your organization

Prioritize Your Security Budgets

Prioritize your security budgets where they are needed most, saving money over the long run by preventing wasteful expenditures over the broader security landscape

Top SaaS Apps Security Testing Services and Solutions Company in USA - WATI

SaaS Apps Security Testing

A pressing business necessity for SaaS companies, to win the confidence of clients. Enhance with shift-left approaches like Source code reviews and DevSecOps.

Top Web, Mobile Apps Security Testing Services and Solutions Company in USA - WATI

Web, Mobile Apps Security Testing

In-depth pentest of your web and mobile applications along with APIs and back-end datastores, against OWASP top 10 and SANS 25 benchmarks.

Top Data Security Testing Services and Solutions Company in USA - WATI

Data Security Testing

Auditing security posture for data at-Rest, data in-Motion, and data in-Use covering applications, data stores, systems, and storage.

Top Cloud Infra Security Testing Services and Solutions Company in USA - WATI

Cloud Infra Security Testing

Identify security misconfigurations before they turn into security incidents. Assessment against CSF Framework along with remediation guidance.

Top Container Security Testing Services and Solutions Company in USA - WATI

Container Security Testing

Assess your configuration as per OWASP Container Security Verification Standard and CIS benchmark guidelines.

Top IOT Security Testing Services and Solutions Company in USA - WATI

IoT Security Testing

Assess IoT and embedded devices security by attempting to exploit the vulnerabilities in hardware, firmware, network, encryption, and applications.

Top Network Security Testing Services and Solutions Company in USA - WATI

Network Security Testing

External and internal pentests, emulating attackers breaking into your network from the outside or an attacker who already breached the perimeter through another method, to gain higher privileges on the network.

Top Wireless Security Testing Services and Solutions Company in USA - WATI

Wireless Security Testing

A comprehensive evaluation of the wireless networks in your organization using automated scans and manual testing methods.

Top Devices Security Testing Services and Solutions Company in USA - WATI

Devices Security Testing

Check OS upgrades, patches, security configurations, user and privileges, system and use policies for workstations, servers, routers, switches, firewalls, and network devices.

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FAQs on Security Testing

We will email you with a questionnaire that should take under 15 minutes to fill out. The questionnaire helps us gather the information we need to provide an accurate quote. In most cases, we respond with quote the same business day we receive filled-out questionnaire.

Our approach includes both. Automated testing identifies vulnerabilities while manual process helps measure extent of exploitation of the vulnerabilities. WATI helps you find security flaws using manual techniques for web application penetration testing and network security testing.

Vulnerability scanning is a great first step. There is lot more to pen testing than a mere vulnerability scan. Vulnerability scans help identify the breaches, while the Penetration testing helps assess extent of exploitation possible for hacker.

WATI’s consultants are all certified in one or more of the following:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker – CEH
  • Licensed Pen Tester – LPT
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional – OSCP
  • Certified Penetration Testing Engineer – CPTE
  • Certified Red Team Professional – CRTP
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional – CISSP
  • Certified Information System Auditor – CISA
  • Certified Information Systems Manager – CISM
  • GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester – GWAP
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator – CHFI
  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator – CWNA
  • CompTIA Security+

Yes, penetration testing satisfies many regulatory compliances like PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, SOC2, NIST, ISO etc. The penetration testing would have to be comprehensive, including:

  • Network & Systems
  • Wi-Fi and Firewall
  • Web, Mobile and inhouse Applications
  • 3rd Party vendors and SaaS vendors’ applications
  • Cloud
  • IOT

Black-box testing: This closely mimics real-world hackers trying to find breaches with no prior knowledge of the application, coding or environment. This is the absolute minimum to be included in any Penetration testing.

White-box testing: In this process the examiner will have thorough knowledge & access to the source code, internal construction, design & implementation so that they can detect the vulnerability faster than Black-box.

Gray-box testing: Combination of white-box and Black-box testing process where examiners are given some details of the application or environment to find vulnerabilities and find extent of exploitation possible.

This is very common question. A penetration test and a red team exercise are both used to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in an organization’s security infrastructure. However, they differ in scope, objectives, and methodology. The good news is that we also do Red Teaming. Read about these services.

Penetration Testing: A penetration test (also known as a “pen test”) is a simulated attack on an organization’s network or system to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by real attackers. The primary goal of a penetration test is to assess the effectiveness of the organization’s security controls and to identify weaknesses that need to be addressed. Penetration testing typically involves a team of security professionals using a combination of automated tools and manual techniques to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

Red Team Exercise: A red team exercise is a more comprehensive and complex form of security testing, designed to simulate a realistic attack on an organization. The objective of a red team exercise is to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s security posture and incident response capabilities by testing the organization’s detection and response capabilities. The red team is typically given broad scope to simulate a realistic attack, which could include tactics such as social engineering, physical security breaches, and network and system exploitation.

In summary, while a penetration test focuses on identifying and exploiting specific vulnerabilities in an organization’s security infrastructure, a red team exercise is a more comprehensive and realistic simulation of an actual attack, with a broader scope and the objective of testing the organization’s overall security posture and incident response capabilities.

Red Team: They play as a real time attacker & try to inject the virus to break the code. The resources involved in this are bound by strict non-disclosure and employment agreements, in addition to clearing some level of background screening. Red Team exercises usually exceed injecting virus, and comprises of anything that is hypothetically doable to gain access to a organization, some cases it might be a virus, some cases it even might be a lock picking, or simply break open the gates.

Blue Team: They are experts in protecting the systems from virus (or) breaching the code. They continually try to harden security around the company’s data systems and networks – even when no testing is leading along. They also develop protection for the vulnerabilities exposed by the Red Team.

Purple Team: It’s the same team that carry out both Red Team and Blue Team activities.

All software can have vulnerabilities. When those vulnerabilities are not published or known by the software owners/vendors, they are called zero-day vulnerabilities. When hackers take advantage of a zero-day vulnerability to exploit, it’s called zero-day exploit.

It’s advisable to perform the test on production systems. The time of the test can be carefully chosen to ensure the least number of users are affected (Friday evenings, or Saturday early mornings, etc). For organizations that have a robust DevOps implementation, Pen testing can also be done on pre-production environments. We take a consultative approach with you to determine what we should test, how we should test and when we should test.

It completely depends on the Cybersecurity service provider you choose. With a provider like WATI where all consultants are certified and have years of experience, you will not experience any loss or damage. Many clients tend to do testing in a pre-prod environment for critical assets that are included in the scope.

Cloud services, by themselves, do not guarantee top level security, unless the environments are meticulously architected for high security. If you are using cloud and SaaS services, its best for you to conduct vulnerability assessment. When a cloud server is compromised, it most likely compromises far higher number of users and entities, hence the audit is far more important.

We will work with a model that suits your needs best. We give priority to the clients’ inputs on their preference, constraints, environment and the priorities. We can offer T&M rates per-hour, or fixed-price quotes for VAPT services per application, or per IP for Network. Repeat scan within 12-month periods will see a drastic reduction in price for subsequent scans. We also offer managed services on continuous basis for clients that need dedicated team of pen testers with various skills, for a fixed monthly fee for the length of the engagement.

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