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Law Enforcement and Public safety professionals can rely on WATI to improve their IT Operations, awareness and enhance productivity. Choosing the right tool is extremely critical when it comes to public safety and law enforcement. WATI in involved in modernizing several Public Safety systems and law enforcement systems across California. The systems include:

  • Total Booking: Consolidated Booking System for officers
  • Lineups – Automatic matching of persons of interest for lineups
  • Witness and Records Management Systems
  • Crime Analysis- using modern sophisticated Analytical tools
  • CAD Map – Real-time Map integration for Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Probable Cause Declaration
  • Automated License Plate recognition solution
  • Delivering location specific alerts to registered officers
  • Automated Warrant System
  • Court Order Probations & Law/Justice Information System Management

Further WATI is involved in modernizing ARIES and building enterprise data warehouse that is used by over 96 law enforcement agencies across Northern California. WATI is involved in consulting, design development, programming services, maintenance and support for the Automated Regional Information Exchange System (ARIES), the Web User Interface (UI) Modernization, Maintenance Monitoring Implementation, User Adoption and Training for ARIES.

Use of Force

Our team is assisting the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) to develop web-based forms from paper version of the Use of Force Compliance.

The solution is first of its kind in this domain and that too for the largest US County. Currently Use of Force Report forms are hand-written by various individuals involved in the incident and submitted to a supervisor for review and compilation of the whole package.

The new web based forms are developed in Microsoft .Net environment using Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, and SQL Server. The new web based workflow will allow individuals to submit forms to the total report package, allow forms to be forwarded back and forth between originator and reviewer(s)/approver(s), and allow for the completed package to be forwarded up the chain of command for final disposition.

If you are interested in WATI’s Use of Force Cloud subscription, please contact us


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