Beagle Crime Analytics USA - WATI

Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics

Consolidate, Collaborate and Analyze your Crime Data

Investigate and get accurate results across different data sources for solving crimes

BEAGLE combines data from all sources across California criminal justice systems to provide a comprehensive view.

Local government law enforcement agencies have tight budgets and limited resources, but data is mounting from numerous sources at an increased pace. It is challenging for law enforcement agencies to effectively coordinate information and maintain public safety. Quickly visualize mass amounts of data, in new ways, to better understand crime and take action to solve it.


Save time on research


Single platform for data


Voice and Image search

BEAGLE has three distinct and integrated solutions that
help officers discover new insights, provide intelligence,
and aid in operations.


Smart Search

Search Engine like interface with multiple search options including, image search through facial recognition, voice search, text-based search, and Natural language-based search.


Collaborative Investigation

A case can be subscribed by multiple officers, to track information about a suspect. Officers can view relevant arrest data of an offender, notes, and photos from previous investigations. Instead of manually searching activities of an offender, an officer can subscribe to an offender/ suspect and they will receive automatic alerts and notifications when there is any activity or change in status, so they can respond immediately.


Real time operational analytics

Operations application helps in Operational planning that can integrate with your CAD application to gather real time information, overlaying with historic information, to co-ordinate warrant searches, emergency responses and beat deployment optimization. Further, field operators can upload real time information through videos, images and voice memos.

What BEAGLE Can do

BEAGLE helps officers have both real-time and historical data at their fingertips. This plays a role in improving officer and civilian safety.

Usage options

BEAGLE comes in two Versatile end-user solutions:

BEAGLE Crime Analytics in a Box - WATI
BEAGLE Crime Analytics Cloud - WATI

Benefits of BEAGLE

Open Source

– No Licensing Issues
– No Software Renewals

Vendor Independent

– You own the product
– You can customize the product

Multiple Deployment Options

– BEAGLE in a box
– Cloud

Low Cost of Ownership

– Low implementation costs
– Completely supported by WATI

Rapid Deployment

– BEAGLE in a box
– Prior integration experience
– Understanding of Data

User Experience

– Customizable UI
– Officers are involved

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