• Crime Analytics

How to choose the right technology for your policing needs

In a world where new technologies are coming up by the minute, it’s important to look out for the desired characteristics of your agency.  

Technology has made it easier for law enforcement personnel to track down offenders, identify crimes, and reduce them. Having said that it’s important to look out for the desired characteristics in software compatible with your agency.  

Let’s explore the checklist for crime analysis software:

  • Data Management

Law Enforcement software should have the capability to import data from various sources such as police databases, crime reports, GIS systems, etc. Data management capability in software helps in storing, organizing, and managing large amounts of crime data.  

  • Mapping and Spatial Analysis

A police officer can examine crime data and learn more about why crime occurs by using spatial data analysis. It helps visualize crime data on maps and overlay crime data with demographic and socio-economic data. 

  • Data Visualization

A crime analysis software with the ability to create interactive dashboards and charts aids in visualizing crime data better. This also helps to compare crime data across different periods and geographies and generate reports. 

  • Collaboration and Sharing:

Collaboration and sharing to help enhance interoperability between different law enforcement agencies, helping them work together more seamlessly.  It should also maximize its available resources. 

  • Integration with Other Systems

Flawless integration with other systems such as police databases, GIS systems, and analytical tools pave way for efficient investigations. 

  • Technical Support and Maintenance

The availability of technical support and maintenance services from the software vendor is an important criterion to consider when selecting the right criminal investigation software. 

In conclusion, when searching for your next crime analysis software, it’s important to use this checklist to ensure you make an informed decision best suited for your law enforcement agency’s needs and feel confident in your purchase. 


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