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WATI offers innovative Workflow Automation Solutions for agenciesto simplify document-centric processes. From automated routing, digital repositories, integrating mobile devices, business rules management, security, reporting and to capturing analytics, our government workflow solutions make document processes fast, efficient, and support compliance and citizen satisfaction efforts.
Workflow Automaton for public sector

Solutions For All Budgets

Workflow Automation Solutions

Our solution experts excel in tailoring solutions to meet your technology preference and budgets. We work with industry-leading vendors and open source tools. We develop ECM solutions for both on premise and in-cloud models. We design solutions for your specific processes, yet the basic fabric of all of them is universal to include these:

  • Automate paper-based Processes
  • Rule-based steps and routing
  • Customized and secure document routing
  • User authentication and policy controls
  • Monitoring System Content
  • Alerts to notify key personnel in the event of certain actions
  • Audit Trails

We design solutions that leverage Cloud, On Premise and Hybrid infrastructure based on key user scenarios and business objectives. We design applications for web and mobile devices using best of breed technologies.

For large enterprises, we help organizations establish a Center of Excellence around business application development and deployment – ensuring ever increasing value of technology capabilities and improved time-to-value outcomes.

Solutions Benefits

  • Eliminate unnecessary delays and reduce the use of paper
  • Provide a centralized and integrated single point of services for a business entity
  • Ensure a more secure processing of payments
  • Provide online presence in completing public forms
  • Bring revenue to the agency sooner
  • Ensure the agency will be in compliance with code and regulations
  • Provide flexibility to adopt modifications necessary to comply with changes in code and regulations
  • Protect physical assets of the agency
  • Reduce operational budget for postage, printing, and handling
  • Reduce data entry required, thereby reducing the backlog
  • Provide consistency of data across the agency
  • Provide staff, supervisors and management with better workload management and measurement tools
  • Modernize IT systems architecture to support this automation effort and be positioned to adapt readily to future changes in law
  • Allow potential savings to government agencies currently accessing data via manual labor intensive processes
  • Make services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Allow users to see all filing activities related to their business over the long term
  • Improved customer service


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