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How collaboration is crucial for efficient investigations

Collaboration in Law Enforcement and its crucial role in investigations.

Many studies suggest that officers spend nearly 50% percent of their time dealing with information, managing records, writing reports, or going through multiple different databases. Crime analysis is one of the most crucial and information-centric parts of the operations, and often requires going through different sets of data, and collaborating with different officers or agencies. Another need for collaboration in investigations is the fact that most of the suspects/ criminals are transient. They move from one jurisdiction to another and to keep track of them or get to them, you will need to communicate with the agency concerning the city or county. It is essential for any investigations department to have a systematic collaboration platform to keep a track of their suspects.

How does a tool like BEAGLE execute a collaborative platform to enable effective investigations?

There is a never-ending demand for tools that can facilitate such a systematic and successful collaboration. In an effort to modernize the Law Enforcement agencies’ data collection and processing, the collaboration platform in BEAGLE helps officers be one step ahead. If an officer is in search of an entity and wants to be alerted about any developments of it, they can just subscribe to it. This feature alerts the officer of any new information related to the entity, such as a new social media post or a new picture of the lead captured on a surveillance camera. This collaboration platform of BEAGLE is similar to that of the social media – Facebook, except it’s exclusively for Law Enforcement. From giving daily feeds to notifying you about any new developments on the entity, it helps be alert and enables you to build leads over a period, eventually transferring them to investigative leads. Continuously enriching the database that eventually helps you solve crimes or find the specific entity you’re looking for.

With BEAGLE, you get multiple tools under one. Many sought-after tools for Law Enforcement software such as voice recognition, advanced visual recognition, collaboration, and analytics. BEAGLE can be accessed on any device, giving access to instant data, and making investigations more effective. If you’re interested to dive deeper into BEAGLE and understand its benefits for your agency, get a personalized demo now.