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Security Team

WATI’s consultants carry advanced cybersecurity certifications and technical experience for Ethical Hacking, Cybersecurity Compliance and Risk assessments, Cybersecurity Monitoring & Event Analysis, and Cybersecurity Incident Response.



Simulate high-impact security breaches, before they happen from bad actors, so as to strengthen your organization’s security posture.

We offer vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VA/PT) for all your digital assets – applications, data, identities, IoT, and digital infrastructure (devices, network, and Cloud). The Security Audit Reports (SAR) are comprehensive and include actionable insights to prioritize the security hardening process. Read more

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WATI Cyber risk & compliance

Cyber Risk &

Security compliance is not just nice to have, it’s a business necessity for many, to be able to provide peace of mind for employees, clients, and partners.

With standards continuously evolving, compliance can be daunting. WATI provides expertise and guidance as you embark on assessment, audit, and attestation of your chosen certification. Read more

WATI ISO 27001 certified
WATI ISO 27701 certified
WATI SOC 2 Type II certified
WATI PCI DSS certified
WATI CCPA certified
WATI GDPR certified

SOC Managed

WATI offers SOC-as-a-Service for continuous security monitoring, threat detection, and response management.

Our team of highly-skilled consultants works with technology products you have or choose to cover both proactive and reactive services. Our coverage options are flexible, designed for quick scale, and you can start with as-little or as-much to meet your desired SLAs and business needs. Read more

WATI SOC Managed services
  • SOC Monitor

  • SOC Manage

  • SOC Scanning

  • Incident Response

Cybersecurity Training

It is smart to build Cyber preparedness with employees as front and center of it.

WATI cybersecurity training

Secure Coding Practices for Developers

Cybersecurity Bootcamp for IT Professionals

Even large-scale investments in the technical gear for cyber defense will be ineffective
when employees are not adequately trained on Cyber defenses.
WATI offers two distinct tracks of Cybersecurity training – for developers and all IT professionals. Read more

WATI cybersecurity advisory services

Cyber Advisory – Maturity Roadmap

Cyber Maturity Roadmap (CMR) delivers actionable guidance to define=>build=>refine your Enterprise Security Initiative.

We work with your teams to develop a multi-year strategy to maximize ROI for investments across products, projects, and people.