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WATI provides Project Management and Technical Architecture Services to Alaska Railroad to oversee multi- phased Positive Train Control Project. The Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) upholds safety as a fundamental value and seeks an accident-free, incident-free environment in all areas of its operations.


  • Project and Program Management supporting ARRC to oversee multiple vendors and multiple projects using both Agile and Waterfall models
  • Enforcing standards, performance and compliance through technical architecture


  • Prevent Train Collisions by MONITOR AND CONTROL PROGRMAS out-of-t
  • Well Defined processes for PROJECT TRACKING
  • COMMAND CENTER Graphical User Interfaces

The Challenge

The Alaska Railroad (ARRC) is pursuing a multi-phased program to design, develop and implement a fail-safe Positive Train Control (PTC) system that prevents human errors that may cause catastrophic results. The PTC system monitors and controls train movements and provides improved information for decision-making.

The PTC project replaces an older outdated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, and includes a locomotive on-board computer system, 220 megahertz (MHz) VHF packet data radio technology, Global Positioning System (GPS) locator technology, and upgrades to the back-haul fiber and microwave communications.

Such projects need strong Project Management and Technical oversight for timely and quality delivery.


WATI was chosen through a competitive bidding process over large consulting corporations for its understanding of the challenges and proposing the right team. WATI’s Project Manager is the main point of contact for the coordination and communication with ARRC and the development team.

As part of this engagement, WATI:

  • Provided project scheduling services, including project schedule development, ongoing monitoring of the schedule and monthly project schedule updates.
  • Provided project budget services, including cost plan development, cost estimating and control services, and value analysis services.
  • Maintained document control on project related documents.
  • Developed project plan that is detailed to understand weekly tasks, resources working on them and interdependencies.
  • Provided Weekly status reports outlining work completed, upcoming work, outstanding issues, key risks, and appropriate key performance indicators.
  • Coordinated effective change management, ensuring requested changes follow the proper change management process and are submitted to the project steering committee for approval.
  • Provided oversight, technical direction, requirement definition, planning, quality assurance, and coordination of work performed by ARRC employees and contractors that are involved in the requirements definition, design, and implementation of PTC software.
  • Ensured proper operation and maintenance documentation is submitted and distributed to ARRC personnel or contractors.
  • Created and maintained technical documentation including requirement specifications to ensure efficient planning and execution of the project. Coordinated system development tasks using the Waterfall or Agile software development process to include planning, requirements definition, integration, and testing of all aspects related to PTC.
  • Provided development guidance to contractors and ARRC employees. Coordinated project plans to include interfaces for various aspects of the PTC system.


The project is still underway and WATI continues to provide services as of March 2018.

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