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This is why Police officers use Beagle Voice Search – Hey Beagle! Find John K Doe

Historically, the use of radios, 9-1-1 systems, GIS, and computer-aided dispatch, has helped in deploying officers to the crime scenes in shorter durations. Data analytics and data mining play an important role in officer security.

Vast data associated with years of highly efficient and experienced police personnel can finally be put to use. AI-powered automated tools can help remove manual repetitive tasks for officers.

A human-based solution is restricted by a person’s abilities and might add latency to decision-making in crucial moments.

Data everywhere

Today police departments are using technology for information gathering. Visual number plate recognition, facial and body identification cameras, drones, and multiple other technologies are used to respond to crimes. With so much data from all these, it is difficult to get usable data.

WATI’s Beagle solves the current gaps in data analysis with the use of the latest technologies keeping officer safety as the foremost objective. Beagle has a powerful in-built search engine that is connected to multiple data warehouses. The processing engine is based on AI and the relevance of results to the searches.

The Smart Search in Beagle Analytics is made simple yet powerful with textual, voice or image recognition capabilities. Thus, Beagle Analytics helps law enforcement professionals with the visual representation of incidents, records, cases, personal information, addresses, weapons, and vehicles.

Beagle Crime Analytics Smart Search - WATI

Beat Deployment

Beat Deployment analytics provide the crime locations, a quick analysis of possible involvements with the use of available evidence and suggestions, guidelines to officers for the quick control of the otherwise explosive situations.

Beagle automatically groups the persons through cosine nearness analysis even though the data received and reported from various agencies differ for the same person/subject. BEAGLE performs data verification through powerful online resources for the accuracy of the information.  It also maintains the corrected copy of the information through algorithmic suggestions of Data Standardization.

One-stop-shop for data management

Beagle is a one-stop shop for data management, from data cleansing to data mining, it does it all.

It prepares data for analysis by removing or modifying data that is incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant, duplicated, or improperly formatted.  BEAGLE fetches data that can be used to effectively pinpoint high-crime areas, so an officer can monitor them more closely and deploy additional resources when required.

It displays a one-level hierarchy of personal information, the results of the same person grouped with details of the information received from various records/incidents recorded by multiple police departments and data sources are displayed.

This increases the likelihood of officers being in the right place at the right time, and in some cases, even prevent crimes.

In short, Beagle is a Siri for police officers.

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