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Get the best our of your data warehouse through Hadoop

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Are you overwhelmed by the soaring volumes and wide variety of data pouring in from cloud, mobile, social media, machine, sensor, and other sources? Your current data warehouse environments are not keeping up the pace and the problem will only worsen as the data needs continue to grow.

WATI’s EDW Optimization Solution will enable rapid data integration to your enterprise Data warehouses using modern technologies like Big Data and Hadoop at a fraction of the current costs and efforts, while still protecting the existing investments of our customers in the data warehouse.

Solution Benefits

  • Rapid integration of data sources into your environment
  • Improved efficiency in integration reducing cost, time and efforts
  • Opportunity to enable innovative new data models
  • Potential for new insights into the data that provide predictive and preventive analysis
  • Ability to have larger data sets for analysis as the data collected and stored continues to grow exponentially
  • Cost advantages of commodity hardware & open source software
Modern Data Architecture Solutions in USA - WATI

From an architectural perspective, the use of Hadoop as a complement to existing data systems at our existing customers is extremely compelling. As an open source technology designed to run on large numbers of commodity servers, Hadoop provides a low cost scale-out approach to data storage and processing and is proven to scale to the needs of the very largest web properties in the world. Some of our public sector customers have seen benefits in:

  • Reduction in several hours of processing spent by external agencies and state/county staff in data integration.
  • Significantly lower time from counties preparing data for integration.
  • Lower processing time on ELTs and processing through Hadoop.
  • New Opportunities for Analysis
  • Faster Multi-Querying options
  • Multi-use, Multi-workload Data Processing
  • New Efficiencies for Data Architecture
  • Data Warehouse Workload Optimization
  • Lower Cost of Storage


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