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With our DevOps consulting, we help start-ups and large enterprises align their Development and Operations to achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market and better quality of software builds with early identification of emerging issues, letting the code be in a releasable state always.

Our DevOps specialists facilitate rapid on-boarding of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration, development and Deployment across leading cloud platforms.

DevOps Consulting Services

Continuous Delivery Services

  • CI/CD pipeline construction
  • Release management workflow setup
  • Test automation integration
  • Code quality control

DevOps Monitoring Solutions

  • Monitor performance
  • Optimize infrastructure
  • Notification workflows

Microservices and Serverless Computing

  • Microservices architecture & code refactoring
  • Container orchestration
  • Cloud native development

DevOps Accelerator Platform

WATI’s DevOps Accelerator Platform helps fast-track CI/CD  set-up and reduce DevOps integration timelines drastically. DevOps Accelerator includes enterprise-grade capabilities that span self-service, on-demand access to IT resources and environments, consistent governance and security enforcement, automation of manual processes, and improved quality of software released into production. Incorporating best practices around the governance and configuration, the platform ensures development efforts are aligned to actual production deployment environments, and minimizes configuration related defects, delivering rapid and higher quality releases to meet business requirements.

  • Generates Docker based Build-Farms on-demand

  • Provides dedicated headless CI for developers

  • Liberates build farms upon job completion

  • Enables scalability based on build loads

  • Enables pipeline definition as YAML/Jenkins file

  • Based on Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes

  • Supports technologies that can be built on Linux

  • Secure authentication through enterprise LDAP

  • Analytics and reporting (including historic build jobs)

Monitoring and Support Services

WATI offers 24×7 monitoring and support services, with integration of workflows for L1, L2 and L3 tickets right through their respective resolution as per strict SLAs needed by the clients.

  • Proactive Security
    Intrusion, cyber attack, data loss detection/prevention. Periodic security audits and remote management through secured connections.
  • Increased Flexibility
    Onsite, Offsite, Offshore Model helps in greater flexible delivery
  • Cost Optimization
    Reduced downtime, lower system failures, higher efficiency.
  • Improved Visibility
    Greater Insights helps in making quicker and informed decisions
  • Access to Experts
    Access to specialized IT resources for Hybrid Infrastructure, Security, Network & database support under a single umbrella
  • Customer Delight
    Improved customer service and perception management through excellent support.
DevOps Support Services

How We Engage

DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning
  • Assess the current state of DevOps culture, process, and tool chain and quantify the maturity model
  • Visualize the-desired state and create a roadmap
  • Identify traceable metrics
DevOps Pilot Framework and Tool Stack Construction
  • Create a pilot framework to implement the standard DevOps setup
  • Leverage your existing tools and integrate them with our strong ecosystem of open source and licensed tools in each step of agile delivery.
Managed Services
  • Manage and enhance people skills, culture, process, tools, etc.
DevOps End-to-End Implementation
  • Analyze, design, construct, automate and implement according to the needs identified for each project

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