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Frequent VAPT can save SaaS Companies from Existential Threats

It is not obvious on the surface, security can make or break SaaS vendors. Security vulnerabilities not just inflict lasting damage to a business’ reputation, they can even put SaaS companies completely out of business.

SaaS companies live in constant fluidity happening all around in the technology landscape, clients wish list, and regulatory needs. They are usually singularly focused on continuously expanding functionality to stay relevant for clients. Security aspects need as much attention as well, but is usually an after-thought. Most often, clients do not spell out security requirements, though. They do not have to.  Its incumbent on SaaS vendors to deliver products of certain level of security robustness.

SaaS, no doubt, is a favorite business model for most enterprises. At the same time, there are many known incidents of security breaches occurred due to inadequate security posture of some SaaS vendors. No wonder, most enterprises have implemented strict criteria for checking security robustness for SaaS vendors before letting them into their environment.

SaaS companies that serve enterprise clients (B2B) are aware of the intense security scrutiny to expect. Some choose to get by with a once-a-year security audit, comprised of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT).

That’s definitely a good start. But, when you have many releases in a year, as most SaaS companies do, performing VAPT for just one release is insidious. Security incidents can happen anytime and SaaS companies need to assure their product is safe across all releases.

Why would you not want to have a frequent VAPT, then? That too, considering that VAPT does not cost much, takes only a few days, and still helps you uncover so much so quick about your security posture. Most successful SaaS vendors implement frequent VAPT cycles, with monthly cycles being most common, even when they have some extent of devSecOps.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Services in USA - WATI

At WATI, we have years of experience working with technology companies at varying levels of cyber maturity. We provide VAPT  services for all your cyber assets – applications, datastores, endpoints, networks, devices, servers, cloud, etc.

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT):

  • Identifies vulnerabilities and risks in your applications and infrastructure
  • Validates the effectiveness of your current security measures
  • Provides clear roadmap for prioritizing tasks so as to address high-alert vulnerabilities
  • Not to mention, its mandatory for security certifications and regulatory compliance

WATI, an ISO-27001 company, offers Cybersecurity services including VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing), Managed Services, Risk & Compliance Services, Advisory Services, and Training. SaaS and technology vendors are a focus group for WATI’s Cybersecurity audits. WATI’s Cybersecurity team comprise of experts certified in one or more of CISSP, CISA, CISM, GWAPT, CHFI, CEH, OSCP, CPTE, CWNA, CompTIA Security+.