Improving the quality of decision making

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Analytics Services

WATI’s Analytics practice encompasses wide range of tools, technologies and platforms including Tableau, Power BI, Open Source Jasper, to Oracle BI to Big Data tools like Hadoop to enable organizations to share, use and uncover the value hidden in their information assets. Our services help our public sector customers in improving the quality of decision making by presenting relevant information in comprehensible reports, dashboards and scorecards.

Data Analytics

WATI’s Analytics services ensure return on information by aligning information with the business context of the user. Our specialists have the cutting edge tools, strategies and utmost integrity to not only compliment your current BI practices, but provide solutions to take your business into the next phase and beyond.

Through our holistic approach, we ensure that Business Intelligence (BI) solutions align with your organizational objectives allowing you to make better and faster decisions. We provide complete, end-to-end BI solutions, development and integration, and outsourcing services that will help you emerge as a leader.

Self Service BI

The creation of a centralized enterprise-wide data model, which supports governance and offers self-service capabilities to business users, is a gradual process. The data silos business users resort to must be incrementally certified and migrated and infused into an enterprise wide infrastructure

Selfservice BI Benefits
  • Ability to draw and analyze insights from data with direct access
  • Flexibility for businesses who desire to get things done on their own time and supports over-arching desire companies have to become more data-driven
  • Increase operational efficiencies, provide business agility and become more competitive.
  • Make BI Results Easy to Consume and Enhance
  • Make BI Tools Easy to Use

Big Data Services

As an Hortonworks partner, WATI Big Data Services are aimed at providing the insight into the unstructured data in various formats in large volumes. Some highlights of services are:

  • Provide data solutions for data gathering from wide range of distributed data sources and upload of unstructured data using many popular Serde(s).
  • Build efficient clusters of named node(s) and data nodes for efficient processing, storage and redundancy backup.
  • Develop Columnar store (HBase) for relational view and efficient access to programs and Graphic Analyzers given unstructured data.
  • Provide flat file structural storage to the relational tables in the file system.
  • Solutions to convert large big data database tables into data sets for machine learning, deep learning and neural network solutions
  • Process large volumes of chronological data for pattern recognition which is impossible to imagine in the past.
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Regression Analysis, Predictions and Forecasting.
  • Construct data models with high accuracy using the Train data sets and validate/test the model with validate/test data sets.
  • BigData Data Clustering solutions for niche industries
  • Expertise with NoSQL for efficient use of mappers and reducers suitable for the type of client data accessed.
  • Provide comprehensive Big-Data database solutions and end to end data services using bigdata technology for Data Cleansing, Data Preparation, Data Pre-Processing, Data Storage, ETL (Extract, Transform/Convert, and Loadprocesses), Data Mining, NoSQL operations, and Data visualization.
  • OLAP solutions on Data warehouses
  • Data visualization solutions for static views (scatter plots, bar graphs, box plots) and dynamic views (live motion charts).

Technology Competency


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