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Having accurate information at your fingertips will improve officer safety

A Police Officer of the New York Police Department was shot and killed when he and two other officers responded to a domestic violence call in an apartment located in Harlem.

When the officers arrived at the apartment, they spoke with the suspect’s mother. As the officers approached the door to a room the suspect was in, the suspect opened the door and immediately began to fire at the officers, striking the officer and one of his partners. A third officer returned fire and killed the subject. Incidents like these have become common in today’s world of law enforcement, placing our first responders in dangerous predicaments.

Officer safety should be the paramount importance for an agency that requires quick thinking under pressure. The Smart Search of BEAGLE allows for immediate detection of the addresses and vehicles, graphically overlaying historical data with the real-time warrant /dispatch information. Being able to directly gather the potential suspect history helps the officers to be guarded and vigilant before the interaction begins.

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