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How can a Voice Assistant Benefit Law enforcement?

Imagine this: being a law enforcement officer, having a right-hand assistant alongside your investigation can go a long way.

A partner, helps you focus on the right path, analyzing the given scenario, and giving you the data and insights, you need in real-time. Having the right assistant can benefit all post-investigative needs such as drafting an incident report. Writing incident reports are crucial in the line of work, attending to many calls, interviewing multiple people, and having an overload of information to report.

How do voice assistants work and their evolution over the years?

Having a digital voice assistant can go a long way for any Law Enforcement professional. Generally, the voice assistant has become an integral part of our daily life. The technology that is used is known as “natural language processing”. It can understand the spoken English language and translate to computer understandable commands. In recent years, this technology has progressed quickly. For instance, Siri- a very known voice assistant found in Apple devices, in the beginning, could not capture what was being spoken to it. Now, in the present age, Siri is capable of even having a meaningful conversation. That is how much the world of voice assistance has changed.

Benefits of a digital voice assistant for Law Enforcement

Using natural language processing or a voice assistant can be useful in saving time during investigations. In an emergency, when a police officer needs to know or confirm any information, the last thing they would want to do is type out a lot of information or manually go through massive amounts of data. All you must do is talk to your voice assistant and it does the job for you!

BEAGLE as an investigation partner

BEAGLE Crime Analytics’ smart search built-in with natural language processing can be a perfect assistant to Law Enforcement officers. Most of the ideas that were built into BEAGLE have come from Law Enforcement officers themselves. Any law enforcement officer would agree that preparing reports can be a painful task, especially keying in detailed reports at the end of the day. With the help of Beagle as your digital assistant, just talk to it, and it does the job for you. It can be that simple. Voice Assistant is going to be an integral part of Law Enforcement soon.


BEAGLE is a criminal investigations analytical software, which combines data from your data sources across criminal justice systems to provide a comprehensive view of both real-time and historical data at your fingertips. With value-added features like Tattoo Search, Facial Recognition, Network Analysis, and Crime Trends, BEAGLE plays a significant role in crime analysis.

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