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Cybersecurity – CIO and CISO’s Perspectives on Dealing with ‘Cyberdemic’

There is no finish line for cybersecurity journey – Mark Benioff, Salesforce Founder & CEO

The ever-changing technology landscape throws ever-changing cyber threats. One must stay updated with what are the latest and most impacting security challenges of current times.

To stay secure, keeping pace with what’s new is as important as identifying ‘Obsolete’ in the current landscape. This helps to strategize, plan, adopt & implement the security programs, practices and controls that are most suited to meet the security objectives.

It’s the ‘New Normal’ in cybersecurity.

Webinar: Cybersecurity in the New Normal - WATI

WATI presents a webinar with a seasoned public-sector CIO and CISO, to share learnings and experiences on – Webinar: Cybersecurity in the New Normal

  • What is going to be the ‘New’ SECURITY FRONTIER
  • How is the new remotely functioning world adopting to upcoming challenges?
  • Guidance to new workforce & the security professionals
  • Architectural enhancements & considerations
  • Unleashing Key Emerging technologies like Machine Learning for Security

Covid-19 pandemic necessitated remote work for most enterprises, bringing in its own set of challenges in security. As we embrace more open networks and diminishing boundaries, enterprise security needs to ‘urgently’ adopt –

  • A well-planned Enterprise Architecture Model
  • Strategized set of relevant security controls and
  • Equipped & aware task force

This webinar provides rich insights on these topics and more. Register now at Webinar: Cybersecurity in the New Normal