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WATI transforms the Automated Regional Information Exchange System, one of the largest criminal justice information sharing systems, onto California State Sheriff Association Cloud

WATI successfully transformed Automated Regional Information Exchange System (ARIES) for the Contra Costa Office of the Sheriff, migrating it to the CSSA Cloud. ARIES, which serves over 9000 law enforcement users from 93 participating agencies across four counties in Northern California, plays a critical role in ensuring community safety by facilitating the seamless sharing and integration of criminal justice information.

The Challenge

  • ARIES keeps communities safe by sharing and integrating criminal justice information across the state of California
  • Increasing demands due to growing number of users and participating agencies
  • Challenges: Network, databases, data volume, active users, data variety
  • Expanded responsibilities for the team due to scaling
  • Added demands: Performance improvements, user experience enhancement for smart devices, faster user adoption.

The Solution

  • Enhance ARIES Efficiency
  • Expand and Improve ARIES through Migration to CSSA Cloud
  • Control Capital Investments (Hardware, Software, Licenses)
  • Redesign the Website for Enhanced Customer Engagement and Transparency
  • Establish Proactive Information Technology Service Management
  • Modernize Legacy Components
  • Transition from Custom Development to Configured Solutions
  • Establish Modernization Criteria and Priorities
  • Enhance Staff Efficiencies and Workload Balance
  • Incorporate On-the-Job Training Aids within the System


Modernized ARIES system with advanced features:

  • Google-like Search using BEAGLE 
  • Maps Integration 
  • Electronic Signatures 
  • Auto-Complete Forms 
  • Integration with Enterprise Data- Warehouse

Specific modules and systems modernized for contemporary law enforcement needs:  

  • Total Booking 
  • Lineups 
  • Witness Management 
  • Records Management 
  • Crime Analysis 
  • CAD Map 
  • Probable Cause Declaration 
  • BEAGLE for Crime Analysis and Search 
  • Automated License Plate Recognition 
  • Location-Specific Alerts 
  • Automated Warrant System 
  • Court Order Probations 
  • Law and Justice Information System Management 

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