Infrastructure and Capacity Planning

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WATI delivers Long-Range Information Systems Planning for Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services.

The mission of Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) is to connect communities and improve the lives of all generations in Los Angeles County.


  • Authored the business automation plan
  • Long-Range Information Systems Planning


  • INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN and Capacity Building
  • Fine tuned ORACLE DATABASE
  • Established PROCESSES for Infrastructure Maintenance

The Challenge

The mission of Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) is to connect communities and improve the lives of all generations in Los Angeles County. WDACS delivers much of its services to the community through contract agencies. The effectiveness of coordinated efforts between WDACS and these agencies is a prime determinant of the department’s goal attainment. WDACS is desirous of making significant improvements to the offered services through infrastructure planning and effective use of technology. The Department needed an experienced vendor for infrastructure assessment and improvement including:

  • Planning and supporting the internal WDACS application systems
    • Assess the State of System Capacity
    • Assess the resource needs to meet the future demands
    • Assess the scaling schemes to meet the future demands
  • Support the Operations
    • User Maintenance
    • Concurrent Processes and System monitoring for Performance
  • Development of reusable process
  • Relational Database system performance Tuning


WATI was chosen through a competitive bidding process as part of the Master Service Agreement. WATI team assessed the Infrastructure capacity thresholds and planned for the resource scaling as per the future demands. WATI provided written recommendations of system requirements, integration of WDACS line operational systems, WDACS specific applications and the Oracle Data warehouse.

WATI supported the application server hardware, including the use of remote monitoring tools and established component replacement procedures with the manufacturer.

WATI maintained the Enterprise Linux operating systems — on development, test and production environments, including installation of enhancements, bug fixes, security packages, resource optimization, recovery and monitoring and supported mid-tier servers and Oracle Database Servers including inbound and outbound data movement, ETL processes, and web services. WATI developed written procedures for maintaining all aspects of WDACS application infrastructure including hardware, OS, application servers and database.

WATI conducted training and knowledge transfer sessions covering all aspects of WDACS application systems to WDACS staff.


At the end of the engagement WDACS established System Support Assets that are streamlined and future-ready. The Infrastructure Systems performance is optimized, and all the operational processes were established with trained personnel.

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