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What’s New in BEAGLE Crime Center

In the ever-evolving landscape of law enforcement, staying ahead of criminal activities and making informed decisions is paramount. BEAGLE Crime Center, the Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics Platform, continues to advance to meet the evolving needs of law enforcement agencies. Check out the latest enhancements and features that empower law enforcement officers to consolidate, collaborate, and analyze crime data effectively. 

Fast Performing Query Patterns: 

BEAGLE now offers fast-responding query patterns, allowing law enforcement to swiftly search and access the right entities. This enhancement significantly accelerates the investigative process, enabling quicker responses to potential threats. 

Visual Narration of Incidents with Color Coding and Print Capabilities: 

This feature aids in visual narration of incidents of connected records with Color Coding and Print Capabilities. 

Improved Investigate Node Graph: 

The Investigate Node Graph has been made more user-friendly with navigation capabilities. Officers can now effortlessly move the graph in all directions, zoom in or out, and center the display. 

Enhanced Person Detail Panels: 

BEAGLE now displays person detail panels with information sorted by date, with the latest updates at the top. This ensures that officers have easy traversal to the records of specific time periods. 

Configurable Fault Tolerant Search: 

The fault-tolerant search feature enables the searching of persons even with the misspelled names. BEAGLE uses fuzzy and cosine distance algorithms to identify and retrieve records based on the degree of truth and closeness to the provided search terms. 

Sealed Records Management: 

BEAGLE now has the capability to handle sealed records, ensuring compliance with legal requirements by redacting sensitive information within the platform. 

Configurable Bigdata MongoDB Dual Instance Switching: 

BEAGLE offers configurable dual instance switching in active-passive mode for MongoDB, ensuring continuous data updates with uninterrupted service during the switchover avoiding downtime or performance degradation. 

Updated Heatmap Data: 

BEAGLE has updated its heatmap data based on the latest historical data from participating agencies in California until August 2023. This update helps law enforcement agencies to visualize the changing crime patterns. 

Google Map Display of Crimes: 

Officers can now visualize crimes of a chosen crime type within a selected date range on a Google Map display panel. This feature enables geospatial crime analysis and aids in strategic resource allocation.  

The continuous evolution and enhancement of BEAGLE Crime Center underscores its commitment to empowering law enforcement agencies with cutting-edge tools. These new features provide law enforcement officers with streamlined and powerful capabilities to analyze crime data effectively, ultimately leading to improved safety and security within their communities.