Scott Goodwin Manager LASD speaking about Use of Force system at LASD

WATI Starts Digital Transformation Event Series

Being the most populous county in the country, Los Angeles County has unique challenges in providing services that affect the lives of all residents, including law enforcement, tax collection, public health protection, and public social services. The goals are already familiar: to get work done electronically as efficiently and risk-free as possible. WATI started its Digital Transformation Event series in LA County to bring the latest trends, news and happenings, to the professionals in the County on a single platform.

The topic for this event was “Digital Transformation through Workflow Automation“.Several IT Managers and professionals from various County departments including Department of Public Social Services, Sheriff Department, Workforce Development and Internal Services Department. Scott Goodwin, Project Manager from Los Angeles County Sheriff Department and Paul Hirner, Founder and CEO of ThinkSmart – Digital Transformation Solution were the Guest speakers at this event.