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The Best Ways to Find Insightful Data in Law Enforcement

For law enforcement personnel, reliable and high-quality data is vital for effective decision-making. Along with open-source data, law enforcement agencies use records management systems (RMS), and incident-based reporting systems; these provide data on the crimes committed, and their related information. But with so much data, it is next to impossible to find the right data.

Finding Usable Data

In today’s world, law enforcement agencies are challenged with financial and staffing shortages. The data collected should be usable, random collection of data will lead to a pool of unnecessary data that won’t be of any use to an officer. It is important for law enforcement personnel to leverage data to improve and expand decision-making and maximize available resources.

BEAGLE analytics helps quickly derive meaningful information from the data through its Unified Search feature. It helps in operational planning by integrating with any CAD application to gather real-time information.

It helps coordinate warrant searches, and emergency responses and beat deployment optimization. Officers can access data from any source – regardless of system or format – to get a comprehensive view of each offender.

Additionally, field operators can upload real-time information through videos, images and, voice memos.

Prevent Crime – with Historical Data

Additional information is also provided, like the weapons that were possessed by the offender, vehicles owned by the offender along with vehicle details and the offender’s address. Police personnel will also have access to details about prisoners on parole and the conditions attached, this will help the officers keep a closer look on the offender if required, to prevent crime.

BEAGLE Analytics helps police personnel in multiple ways, like identifying suspicious behavior from previous data, which helps them have an edge over the offenders. Also, BEAGLE improves the speed and accuracy of decision-making through graphical data visualization. Data plays a vital role in policing, and having timely access to dependable and usable data helps in personnel security and crime prevention.

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