Senior Talend Developer

Required Skills:

Talend Senior Developer and Data Warehouse Engineer skills preferred are:

  • Ability to design, develop and document Talend ELT processes, Technical Architecture, data pipelines, and performance scaling for handling terabytes of data throughput.
  • Ability to design the data warehouse schema for various Data Marts, including fact tables and dimension tables to support business requirements.
  • Ability for query, and Talend job optimization to ensure adequate performance.
  • Ability to analyze visualization/reports requirements to design the corresponding database objects.
  • Knowledge of all aspects associated with designing and building a Human Resources Data Mart including, business requirement definition and review, setting up physical environments, comprehensive data modeling, Talend job design, implementation, and delivery.
  • The candidate should have technical expertise in the use of Oracle databases and Talend Data Fabric and corresponding software tools (like TOAD, SQL Developer, and Talend Data Fabric) to design and build the database objects and Talend jobs.
  • The candidate is expected to function as a data warehouse and Talend expert to provide guidance, knowledge transfer, and training for the Department’s technical team.

Other preferred skills and expectations include:

  • Provide expertise in Talend Administrator Center (TAC) server administration.
  • Provide functional and technical specifications, as well as other required documentation.
  • Participate and collaborate in business requirement meetings, and provide reports and updates as directed by the PM.
  • Develop artifacts such as flow charts, process flow diagrams, data flow diagrams, and others.
  • Ensure that proper testing and quality control processes are established, implemented, and followed to enable high data integrity, volumes, and frequency.
  • Ensure database compliance and security both on-prem and on-cloud.
  • Develop and maintain operational documentation for training and ongoing maintenance.

Three (3) years experience within the last five (5) years using Talend and developing and implementing Talend tools and technologies, including Version 6.5 or greater. Five (5) years experience within the last seven (7) years in architecting and implementing ELT processes. Five (3) years experience within the last seven (7) years of SQL & PL/SQL programming. Three (3) years experience within the last five (5) years developing Business Intelligence solutions using On-prem and Cloud technologies. One (1) year experience within the last three (3) years developing and implementing Talend Data Catalog / Data Lineage. Three (3) years experience within the last five (5) years working with Oracle 12c or later versions


  • Bachelor of Science Degree from an accredited four-year college/university in one of the following majors: Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Applied Computer Sciences, or Informatics.
  • Diplomas must be provided upon request.
  • Certificates: Talend Data Catalog Certificate, Talend Data Integration Certificate, Talend Big Data Developer Certification, or Talend API Services Developer Certification.

Additional Information:

  • Resumes submitted must contain clear evidence all qualifications are met.
  • “From” and “To” dates must be specified for each project included in the work history.
  • Candidates will be expected to provide contact information of persons who can substantiate experience and job performance, references will be verified.
  • The consultant’s work schedule will be set up within the first week the consultant starts on the WO.
  • Work hours normally coincide with the work hours of ITD but after-hours support may be required as deemed required by the Project Manager.
  • All hours worked are based on the hourly rate, the County will not pay for overtime.
  • The Department retains the right to change work schedules with 24-hour notice.
  • DPSS will not compensate for personal mobile phone calls or travel expenses.
  • A Live Scan fingerprinting will be performed by DPSS HR, the selected candidate cannot start on the WO until the DPSS PM receives the clearance.
  • Work Location: 14714 Carmenita Road, Norwalk, CA 9.