IT Business System Analyst

Job Responsibilities:

  • System design, planning and configuration
  • Facilitating meetings for projects and support activities
  • Identify and summarize issues to relevant IT and business implementation teams
  • Elicit, develop, organize, document, and simplify requirements
  • Develop project documentation including technical specifications and user guides
  • Develop software test plans
  • Conduct quality assurance testing for software and business systems
  • Train users on software
  • User assistance and business system administration/ support
Job Skills:
  • 5+ years of proven IT Business System Analyst experience
  • Must have excellent oral and written skills and the ability to facilitate meetings, manage agendas and communicate in a professional manner even in high stress situations
  • Rapidly learn how to configure and support new software systems.
  • Strong understanding of the System/Software Development Lifecycle
  • Proven ability to elicit and document complex business system requirements and technical needs including the use of workflow diagrams /charting techniques and wireframe models.
  • Experience with configuring and implementing new systems and/or enhancing existing systems
  • Ability to recognize risks and system process challenges and facilitate solutions to mitigate them
  • Document, develop and revise system design test procedures and quality standards
  • Well-developed analytical and problem-solving skills; Ability to communicate clearly and precisely with end users, developers, and other IT teams, and attention to detail
  • Basic project management principles and techniques such as organizing and managing a project, developing schedules, identifying critical paths, and breaking down a project into individual tasks
  • Ability to communicate clearly and precisely with customers, end users, key project stakeholders, developers and IT teams at multiple levels of the organization
Other Desirable Skills:
  • Experience creating basic SQL statements to extract, report and analyze data
  • Other Desirable Skills: Experience working for/with government agencies.
  • Other Desirable Skills: Knowledge of CalSAWS and/or CalWIN configurations or experience with county conversions to CalSAWS a plus.