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Using Technology for
Criminal Investigations

Crime Has Been Changing and Police Agencies Need to Catch Up

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The work of criminal investigators is becoming more complex. Technology is changing the environment every day, and most police agencies are far behind the curve.

There are thousands of small and medium-size agencies that lack the resources to respond to the changes. The discussion focuses on how agencies can adapt to the new technology within limited means and resources.

Key Takeaways

saving investigation process
Reduce your investigation time into half through network analysis, Social Network Analysis and 360-degree view of the entities
tatto recognition & facial recognition
Effectively use advanced technology features such as Tattoo search and Facial recognition.
Collaboration process
Collaboration and Information sharing across Officers and Agencies
Officers safety Technology
Enhance Technology to promote officer safety with instant and up to date information

Who should attend

Crime analyst
Crime analysts
Field officers
Field officers
Law enforcement angencies
Law enforcement angecies

Why attend

Discover new ways to effectively coordinate crime data and maintain public safety through innovative technologies.


facial recognition technology

Facial Recognition on officers’ phones

Talking is faster than typing – Using interactive voice commands


Collaboration and Information sharing across Officers and Agencies

Enhance Technology to promote officer safety with instant and up to date information


KRISHNA CHINTALAPATHI Criminal Justice Solutions Specialist - WATI


Criminal justice solutions specialist

Krishna has successfully executed several large-scale enterprise programs running into multi-million dollars working with several Justice organizations including the California Department of Justice, Department of Defense, LA County Sheriff, Contra Costa County Sheriff, Alameda County, Shasta County Superior Court.

Krishna truly fills the role of “Trusted Adviser” with his exceptional understanding of technology and deep commitment to service, with many customers reaping long-term benefits from the solutions that he recommends. Krishna provides vision, management, knowledge, and strategy to ensure that law enforcement agencies remain on technology’s cutting edge.

Marissa Trejo

Marissa Trejo

Manager of Customer Success, Technology

Marissa is established client success and SaaS Professional with 10+ years’ experience in Business Operations, Human Resources, and Customer Service. Having a strong background in business operations, process improvement, retention, and employment law, she has a growth mindset and is always looking for ways to help customers expand and strengthen their business.

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Pre-register for Upcoming Webinars