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DevOps solutions and services for continuous integration and deployments

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DevOps Services

WATI provides DevOps solutions and services for continuous integration and deployments of cloud-native and microservices applications with Docker & Kubernetes, Jenkins & Docker CI/CD pipelines, Infrastructure Automation, Database Automation deployments.


Our DevOps Solutions and Services include:


Continuous Delivery Solutions

• CI & CD Pipeline Construction
• Release Management Workflow setup
• Test Automation Integration
• Code Quality Control


DevOps Monitoring Solutions

• Monitor performance
• Optimize infrastructure
• Notify of issues


Microservices and Serverless Computing

• Developing Microservices Architecture
• Code Refactoring
• Container orchestration
• Cloud Native development
• Automated Programmable Infrastructure
• Consolidate Hardware Resources

Increase Speed-to-market with WATI DevOps Engagement Program

WATI help organizations in various stages of their journey to DevOps. It could be an Assessment/pilot or End-to-End Implementation, Extending Resources in Automating their processes or Helping with Cloud infrastructure for deployment or Managed Services. We are here to help you in all and any phase of your DevOps Journey.



• Assessment
• Pilot process/application
• Setup Automation tools



• Partial Roll-out
• SecOps and ProdOps



• Unification of Processes
• Enterprise Roll-Out / Deployment


DevOps Services

Building DevOps pipeline with Docker Containerization

DWTC Microsoft Exchange Migration to Office 365 Cloud

Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online

LADPW Release Management

Release Management for On-Premise and Azure Applications

Azure Government Cloud Migration

Migrating to Government Cloud