SQL Reports Developer and Case Management Systems

Mandatory Qualifications: 

Five (5) years of experience with:

  • Programming in PROGRESS 4GL XWIN environment.
  • Programming in PROGRESS Windows environment.
  • MS SQL Server query writing and performance tuning.
  • Three (3) years of experience with:
  • PROGRESS versions 6 thru 8 Database Administration
  • UNIX (AIX).
  • Experience with:
  • XML
  • ORACLE database and tools.
  • Java Script
  • FTP
  • Microsoft Access Database experience
  • UNIX/AIX based, large scale applications, and the migration thereof
  • Windows/Oracle-based, large scale applications
  • Creating reports in MS SQL Server Report Builder
Ability to work:
  • Effectively with end-user, other technical staff, including Vendors
  • Under extreme pressure and deadlines to fulfill the requests with a team
  • Strong analytical and programming skills in Case Management Systems
  • Knowledge of Court Domain
Tasks & Responsibilities:   

Analyzing and assessing user issues and working with other team members to perform systems review and problem-solving in a timely and accurate fashion. This position is split between legacy CMS activities (scheduled to phase out completely in 2023-2024) and SQL Developer activity on the MDEC Odyssey CMS.

General duties:
  • Analyze, support, and triage issues coming from users as well as other support analysts for Circuit Court for Baltimore City Civil and Family Departments.
  • All Legacy programming for Caseflow, DCM Reports, MAGS, INFAX, Domestic Violence, and all statewide Civil Orders and Forms for the Circuit Court for Baltimore City Civil and Family departments.
  • Provide specialized queries by utilizing knowledge of UCS database and file structures, providing aid, and assisting other analysts within the support, interoperability, and conversion teams when triaging issues.
  • Create and write queries used for validation of converted production data to compare Legacy with Odyssey.
  • Assist with the creation of business rule logic to apply fixes to Case Management Systems.
  • Ad hoc programming requests for Baltimore City Civil and Family departments, fulfilling Public Information Act requests as well as Legislative requests for data.
  • All statistical programming requests, changes, analyses for CSP (Court Statistical Project).
  • MDEC Odyssey Conversion cleanup programming for Officers, attorneys, Offense Codes, Liens, and all Financials.
  • Consult with UCS Conversion team on special projects as mentioned above, does detailed analysis for best practices on how to proceed with problem areas of conversion.
  • Assist UCS support analysts with all aspects of CMS support for legacy CMS. Converted Legacy e-docket cases from FoxPro to ACCESS database or from PROGRESS database to ACCESS allowing users more flexibility in searching and printing.
  • Legacy Case Management Systems Database Maintenance and Disaster Recovery Programming, monitoring database sizing, extents, cleanup, re-indexing, etc. to keep databases running optimally.
  • UCS Extract for Odyssey implementation, original programming, and scripts.
  • Working in conjunction with UCS server and Network Administrators, sharing responsibilities for Cronjob updates and changes, database startup and shutdowns, and overall optimization.
  • Attending and participating in Conversion/Extract Implementation meetings prior to each go-live.
  • All the projects mentioned in Section III.D.2 of this RFP and modules of legacy CMS in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City Civil and Family.
  • Serving as an administrator in the Disaster Recovery execution plan as necessary for the legacy CMS.
  • Performing Legacy CMS to MDEC Odyssey Extracts for the Circuit Court for Baltimore City.
  • Working as a member of the SQL Developer team for the MDEC Odyssey CMS.
  • As a team member, the resource will gather requirements, develop, validate, and deploy Enterprise Custom Reports. The resource will respond to requests to update and/or troubleshoot existing Enterprise Custom Reports. The resource will also provide ad hoc queries to support Legislative and PIA requests as well as business analysis and support activities at all levels of the organization.
  • Supporting the following projects:
  • UCS Baltimore City enhancement Open Edge
  • Convert existing Progress UCS database to Progress Open Edge 12.2. to support Baltimore City until converted to Odyssey, as well as supporting the ongoing new version of UCS Case Management Systems, resolve issues being reported by users.
  • Manage multiple aspects of the project such as coordinating issues reported by JIS program testers, maintaining update logs, and providing programming as needed. Interact with vendor (Progress Software Corporation) programming staff on complex issues related to the conversion from our current AIX environment to a Windows environment. Work with MD Infrastructure on user setup of new environments and mass deployment across all users. Continue to provide users a seamless transition to the updated environment, whilst keeping the integrity of the current environment.
  • UCS Financial Analyst/Programmer
  • Responsible for UCS Financials Support and Programming changes, updates, requirements for balancing and integration with RCS and GEARS. Analyze financial imbalances, write, and run queries and reports that are used to assist users, internal audit and UCS analysts in determining imbalances, adjusting programmatically and manually as necessary.
  • Baltimore City A/R Cleanup
  • Assist in efforts to clean up A/R issues prior to conversion to Odyssey. Create programs to make adjustments to cash balances and invoice balances as deemed necessary.
  • Assist with the coordination of project efforts to analyze database changes needed in preparation for future conversions as well as programming efforts for the creation of scripts, unit testing, and interaction with court users.
  • MDEC Odyssey SQL/Reports Developer
  • Analyze and write Enterprise Custom Reports (ECR) reports per written specifications. Triage incoming issues with production ECR reports as needed. Provide specialized queries by utilizing knowledge of Odyssey database and file structures, providing aid and assisting other analysts within support, interoperability, and conversions. Create and write queries to fulfill ad hoc programming requests for both circuit and District Court, fulfilling PIA as well as Legislative requests for data. Adhere to established processes and procedures associated with the receipt of reporting requests, troubleshooting, testing, and deployment.
  • MDEC Odyssey Custom Forms Token Developer
  • Analyze and write coding, using XML, to create custom forms tokens. Tokens are created using a proprietary framework. The resulting tokens are used in court forms to display case-related information. Triage reported issues with existing form tokens.
  • Conversion Data Extract Programmer
  • Involved in all aspects of extracting of legacy data for the Circuit Court for Baltimore City to MDEC Odyssey. This includes providing necessary reports to the vendor and conversion manager as well as reviewing post-conversion exception reports.
  • MDEC Odyssey Support
  • Analyze, support, and triage issues coming from users as well as other support analysts for both circuit and District Courts for Odyssey CMS. Ability to read and understand configuration problems and questions that arise for users and in general to help improve and discover oversights or gaps. Ability and willingness to work under extreme pressure and deadlines to fulfill the requests.
  • UCS Integrations Analyst/Programmer
  • Responsible for analysis and programming for integrations of NICS requirements for Civil cases. Works with BUS integration team on requirements questions and specifications for changes in reporting for Odyssey. Foreclosure Mediation monthly reporting for DHMH.
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in information technology

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