Business Analysts

Mandatory Qualifications: 
  • At least four (4) years of experience providing business analysis services, as evidenced by a one-page narrative provided by the Respondent, containing a detailed description of specific work experiences (including dates and locations) which meet this requirement.
  • At least five (5) years of experience within the last twelve (12) years completing each of the following tasks:
    • Producing business process workflows and diagrams.
    • Assessing and measuring impacts of process changes.
    • Providing benefit/cost analysis of alternative approaches.
    • Collaborating with existing project and organizational change management teams and efforts to ensure and strengthen the consistency.
    • Collaborating with business customers to guide progress towards system adoption.
    • Performing business analysis for pension administration systems or public sector/government agencies.
    • Demonstrating a thorough understanding and significant experience using industry-standard and best practices for process mapping, modeling, and/or continuous improvement.
Desirable Qualifications:    
  • Participation in the transition management for the implementation of a public retirement project over the last ten (10) years of similar scope as is outlined in Exhibit A, Statement of Work.
  • Knowledge of the following business functions:
    • Pension Administration
    • Financial/Accounting
    • Public Retirement Benefits
    • Information Technology
  • Experience in developing and implementing business readiness plans that assess, identify, document, and improve existing processes with a focus on adopting and leveraging new system technology.
  • Experience mentoring and sharing knowledge with public agency employee staff and leadership.
  • Experience in the creation of effective communication materials and skill at developing communication messages targeted to particular stakeholder groups.
  • Experience with public retirement processes, business rules, and impact of pension business operations and customer service.
Tasks & Deliverables:         
  • BUSINESS ANALYSIS – Critically evaluate information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level information into details, and help customers move from low-level information to a general understanding of a process, change or function. Increase the probability of business planning success by challenging programs on their assumptions of how they will successfully execute their plans. Ensure that work products/deliverables conform to customer standards and provide guidance/instruction to other project team members/staff as necessary to achieve consistent quality.
  • PROCESS ANALYSIS – Under the guidance of Enterprise Transition Management staff or consultants, gather, document, analyze and communicate process changes, gap analyses, and future state operating processes to ensure alignment of business operations with functionality designed in the new pension administration system and supporting systems (e.g., financial). Identify operational issues and opportunities for increased efficiency that may be resolved through the development of new procedures or processes.
  • COMMUNICATION – Provide input and guidance to the development of communication messages/material to effectively inform decision-makers about obstacles, success criteria, and overall system adoption readiness for their business area(s).
  • CONCURRENT WORK STREAMS – Successfully engage in multiple initiatives simultaneously. Plan, schedule, guide and/or execute facilitated process or functional exposition sessions. Participate in meetings and conferences as required.
  • Provide training, coaching, and knowledge transfer to CalSTRS staff on project-specific information. Transfer of knowledge to appropriate CalSTRS employees is required, along with any requested materials and content for transfer of knowledge.
  • Such other tasks and related services to provide the deliverables hereunder, as requested by CalSTRS.

Bachelor’s Degree in information technology.