Sr. Programmer/Financial Business Analyst

Mandatory Qualifications: 

Five (5) years experience with:

  • Programming in PROGRESS 4GL, XWIN environment.
  • Programming in PROGRESS Windows environment.
  • Three (3) years experience with:
  • PROGRESS versions 6 thru 8 Database Administration
  • UNIX (AIX).
Experience with:
  • UNIX/AIX based, large scale applications, and the migration thereof
  • ORACLE database and tools.
  • SQL and PL/SQL
  • XML
  • Java Script
  • FTP
  • Strong analytical and programming skills in Case Management Systems
  • Possesses a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification accredited by the Project Management Institute
  • Ability to work with a team
Tasks & Responsibilities:   
  • All aspects of support for Odyssey CMS, customer support, conversion, data review, and data quality assurance of interoperability issues, reporting, etc.
  • Writing Progress programs, and queries assisting in the validation and triaging of issues, questions, and reported problems.
  • Working with all other support analysts triaging issues and knowledge transfer.
  • Assigning programming, general tasks, and assignments to other contractors, assisting departmental managers, with technical issues that arise pertaining to Legacy and Odyssey CMS.
  • Working with users and JIS daily assisting and analyzing problems and concerns with CMS, creating workarounds, business rules, and query samplings.
  • Interacting with various departmental managers, attending weekly meetings for performance, data review, conversion, code mapping, and support.
  • Consulting with DBA, Integrations, and department managers regarding any necessary or potential program modifications, workarounds, and or legislative mandates.
  • Supporting the following projects:
  • UCS Baltimore City enhancement Open Edge:
  • Convert existing UCS Progress database to Progress Open Edge 12.2. to support Baltimore City until converted to Odyssey, as well as supporting the ongoing new version of UCS Case Management Systems, resolve issues being reported by users.
  • Manage multiple aspects of the project such as coordinating issues reported by users, maintaining logs and programming efforts as needed, providing unit tests and coordination of unit testing, obtains sign-off approval by end-users. Interact with vendor (Progress Software Corporation) programming staff gathering knowledge of new development strategies as needed, including the deployment, and testing of sources in MD development as well as the QA environment.
  • UCS Financial Analyst/Programmer:
  • Newly responsible for UCS Financials Support and Programming changes, updates, requirements for balancing, and integration with RCS and GEARS. Analyze financial imbalances, write and run queries and reports that are used to assist users, internal audit, and UCS analysts in determining imbalances, adjusting programmatically and manually as necessary.
  • Baltimore City A/R Cleanup:
  • Assist in efforts to clean up A/R issues prior to conversion to Odyssey. Create programs adjusting case balances and invoice balances as deemed necessary.
  • Manage projects to analyze database changes needed in preparation for future conversions. Coordinate programming efforts for the creation of pertinent scripts, provide unit testing, and interact with court users for testing and obtain approvals for sign-off and deployment of script runs in the production database.
  • UCS MDEC Conversion Specialist:
  • Work in conjunction with and assists Conversion Project Manager, users, and vendor conversion team(s) pertaining to all aspects of legacy conversions for both circuit and District Court programming, verification, data validation, and quality assurance. Supply vendor conversions analysts with business rules for converting complex data elements as well as corrections to production data. Utilization of project management skills interacting with Conversion Project Manager in the identification and understanding of the source data (100+ tables) and selection of the destination areas, screens, and tabs in Odyssey where data will reside. Manages Issue Tracker, user’s data review cycles, and quality assurance for each implementation’s extract.
  • MDEC Conversions Specialist:
  • Work in conjunction with and assists the Conversion Project Manager with the conversion of non-UCS jurisdictions to Odyssey. Assist with mapping of existing codes.
  • MDEC Odyssey Code Mapper:
  • Analyze, identify, and map all codes from Legacy systems to Odyssey for both circuit and District Court. This requires an understanding of the Legacy business processes and the correlation to new CMS Odyssey environment. Legacy codes reside in multiple databases and multiple systems throughout Judiciary’s CMS, descriptions may not be and exact match from legacy systems to target, a strong knowledge and understanding of the implications of correct mapping is essential for successful conversions and strong working relationships with both the user community and vendor conversion team is required.
  • MDEC Odyssey Support:
  • Lead support analyst responsible for assisting other support analysts with questions that may arise regarding incidents, recommendations on handling incoming incidents, and all those related to data abnormalities. Work with and assists interoperability manager and analysts in identifying and resolving issues related to case data being sent from legacy CMS, both circuit and District Court and Odyssey to Case Search, Public Safety (CJIS), MVA, DVCR and JPortal, etc.
  • Conversion Data Extract Programmer:
  • Involved in all aspects of extracting of legacy data for the Circuit Court for Baltimore City to MDEC Odyssey. This includes providing necessary reports to the vendor and conversion manager as well as reviewing post conversion exception reports.
  • UCS Integrations Analyst/Programmer:
  • Responsible for analysis and programming for integrations of NICS requirements for Civil cases. Works with BUS integration team on requirements questions and specifications for changes in reporting for Odyssey. Foreclosure Mediation monthly reporting for DHMH.
  • Odyssey Configuration:
  • Read and understand configuration problems and questions that arise for users and in general to help improve and discover oversights or gaps.

Bachelor’s Degree in information technology.


Possesses a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification accredited by the Project Management Institute.

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