Oracle Database Administrator

Mandatory Qualifications: 
  • Must possess at least ten (10) years of expertise, performing and progressively responsible experience in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Business Analytics or Machine Learning, during which both professional and management capabilities.
  • Must possess at least five (5) years of expertise, in performing Oracle Database & Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Administration, as well as data modeling, both logical and physical.
  • Consultants must have extensive experiences in multidimensional data modeling, such as star schemas, snowflakes, normalized and de-normalized models, and handling “slow-changing” dimensions/attributes.
  • Must have worked with at least five (5) or more years of experience using project management, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies.
  • Must possess at least five (5) or more years of experience with Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) systems; extensive experience in collecting business requirements from customers and transforming the requirements into DB data processes and data schema.
  • Consultants providing services must be regularly employed by the Contractor.
  • Consultant shall administer and manage Oracle 12c/19c databases and sound knowledge with Oracle’s Real Application Cluster (RAC) systems, Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Recovery Manager (RMAN) technologies.
  • Consultant shall conduct root cause analysis on persistent or major database related problems.
  • Consultant shall restore CSAC’s database in the event of hardware or equipment failure.
  • Consultant shall execute Cloning procedure, perform patch administration, and coordinate installation and upgrade of Database Management System (DBMS).
  • Consultant shall perform Performance and Tuning, and Backup and Recovery. Requires experience with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and RMAN, Multitenant and Data Guard, patching, data retrieval, scripting in Unix shells and Procedural Language / Structured Query Language (PL/SQL), performance tuning. Experience with Oracle DB in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • The Consultant shall analyze existing environments for data quality and data profiling.
  • Consultant shall install and upgrade new database servers/appliances.
  • Consultant shall create quality data business rules and dictionaries from the results of the analysis.
  • Consultant shall perform data cleansing and/or correction for critical database security evaluation and resolution.
  • Consultant shall provide CSAC with strategic direction in the areas of business intelligence, analytics, data mining, visualization, and consistency across platforms and/or products.
  • Consultant shall assess the GDS components including batch procedures, functions, packages, backend code, tables, embedded code, etc.
  • Consultant shall work with the current CSAC development team to come up with solutions.
  • Consultant shall develop and present an approach to updating or rebuilding GDS components.
  • Consultant shall assist CSAC in developing a schedule of activities for a given task/project.
  • Consultant shall meet with the Contract Manager no less than on a weekly basis or more often when requested.
  • Consultant must inform the Contract Manager of personal time off and keep Microsoft (MS) Outlook Calendar updated.
  • Education: A bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.
  • References: Must provide one (1) Staff Reference, for each testing project used in the submitted Staff Resume that demonstrates their experience that meets the minimum requirements. CSAC may contact each reference provided to validate the experience.