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Senior Project Manager with technology-based project management skills and experience working with governmental entities. The candidate must possess experience with DCP’s technology platform(s) to competently scope projects, understand when problems might occur, and assess team performance to ensure project milestones are met. The candidate will be required to have a basic understanding of technology architectures, prototyping, design, and testing techniques, configuration management, and technical writing skills. The candidate should also have a working knowledge of the land development process and the various business processes for land development projects. Candidates that also possess management and administration of Geographic Information Systems technologies will be highly valued.

  • Project Management
  • Understanding of the land development process.
  • Ability to define the project management process as it applies to technology-based projects.
  • Preparation of project plan(s) and obtain management approval.
  • Ensure all team members understand roles and responsibilities.
  • Apply project resources according to the approved project plan.
  • Analyze risk and investigate avoidance activities.
  • Establish contingency plans and identify trigger events and responsibility for initiating corrective action(s).
  • Track and report on the progress of the plan.
  • Ability to analyze the actual performance against plans and adjust to ensure consistency with plan objectives.
  • Proper communication to keep all stakeholders informed of progress and issues.
  • Manage change to preserve business plan commitments.
  • Coordinate management and technical decisions.
  • Arbitrate and resolve conflict and interface problems within the project.